Q: Is the Electronic Cigarette Safe?
A: E Cigarettes contain only water, propylene glycol, nicotine, and a scent that imitates tobacco flavor. E-Cigarettes have been extensively tested and there is no evidence that suggests it is not safe, however E-Cigarettes are only intended to be an alternative to smoking regular cigarettes and are not a quit smoking cure.

Q: Do electronic cigarettes need a lighter?
A: No, you do not need a lighter for the E-Cigarette because it is an electronic device.

Q: How Long Does the battery Last?
A: The battery lasts for about one day with normal use.

Q: What is the smoke released from the electronic cigarette?
A: The smoke that is released from the E-Cigarette is simply vapor that evaporates into the air within seconds. E-Cigarettes leave no residue in the air, and will not harm anyone around you with a second-hand smoke of a regular cigarette.

Q: Does the electronic cigarette have a smell?
A: No, e- smoke is odorless, however there are flavored cartridges that you will be able to taste.

Q : Can anyone use the e-cigarette?
A: The E-Cigarette is intended for use only by adults smokers and it is not intended to be used by pregnant women and those that are sensitive to nicotine.