V2 Cigs Review 74.95

V2 Cigs Review

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The first thing we liked about v2 Cigs was their website. Upon visiting their website we found it to be extremely helpful and it had all the tools that we needed to be well informed before ordering the product. It lists the different products as far as categories are concerned. And as soon as you go into the categories it will give you all the related information on the products in that category for example it will list all the different started kits that are available in the starter kits category which we found to be very helpful. The website also offered a lot of information in the form of videos and forums and testimonials which gave it a very user friendly look as it didn’t seem at all that they were desperately trying to sell their product.

What’s in a Box?

We decided to test out the Ultimate package which came with all the possible accessories. We ordered it through USPS although they did have the FedEx option available for express delivery. If you order it through FedEx then they will also give you the tracking number so that you could track the delivery, plus it will be delivered the next day. The package included 3 batteries. We chose to order the three different kinds of batteries, the extra-long one, the regular and the short battery so that we could test out each one. The longer the length of a battery the more backup time it will have.  The box also included a variety of chargers, there was a USB charger that you could plug into your computer and charge it. There was an AC adapter that would plug into your wall outlet to charge and there was a car adapter as well so that you could charge the batteries on the move. There was also a USB powered adapter which is not really a battery but it’s just an adapter that you plug into your USB and smoke the cigarette while it’s plugged in. The package also came with 25 cartridges, 5 flavors, carrying case, and to our pleasure, some promotional vouchers were also included as a compliment.

The V2 Experience

Upon smoking the cigarette, the LED lit up very pleasantly and the taste of the nicotine was pleasant as well. The best was that it felt the same as smoking a real cigarette and it was the same sensation in the throat and in the lungs. We didn’t find any of the three batteries to be any different than the other, all produced similar amount of vapor but of course, they would have different backup timings. Since the USB plug in accessory was of higher voltage it produced a nice amount of vapor and we were very pleased with it.

Some Extra Value

This e-cigarette comes with a 30 day money back guarantee so if a customer is not satisfied with the product in any way, they can claim their money back. The adapters, chargers and the batteries come with a 1 year warranty, so if there is any fault at all, you could have it claimed. Overall this was a nice product and we enjoyed it a lot.

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