SMOKESTIK Electric Cigarette Review 99.95

SMOKESTIK Electric Cigarette Review

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Smokestik is becoming one of the most popular and recognized brands in the world which offer electronic cigarettes. Electronic cigarettes in it are becoming rapidly popular day by day. And out of the many brands that supply e-cigarettes; Smokestik is becoming highly effective in increasing its publicity among the people. More specifically, one of the primary reasons for publicity of Smokestik is the factor that many celebrities have been seen to be using this brand, for example, Katherine Heigl as of late in the
show called “Letterman’s show”.

Hendu Elite is one of the significantly produced and popular product of the Smokestik brand. The first thing worth mentioning is that their customer services are quite efficient and deliveries are done on time. The product is highly stylish with platinum color and the cartridges too have the same color. Special features include a unique LED light unlike other products. Glass look predominates and is by far the most elegant looking electronic cigarette available in the market. Smokestik has established its brand name in the US specifically and apart from there in many other countries as well.

It is recommended that you charge fully but there is always enough chare too just take a couple of puffs in the beginning itself.

It isn’t very soft or even too hard during use. It imparts a good feel about it and the good thing about it is that the throat hit of the electronic cigarette is pretty much nice. It is consistent as every puff or rather drag seems to be as good as the previous one. Its amazing, the amount of satisfaction one gets after using Smokestik. In fact, the fact that the new product Hendu Elite has more vapor as compared to a regular cigarette. So, it really gives the feeling of getting satisfied which is very important.
Smokestik products have an amazing design that does not at all try to do a mimic of a real cigarette. Some brands have products that try to do a mimic of a real cigarette and turn up as disasters losing the elegance. Smoke stik improves the feel that one gets after smoking. The prices are not really high and in fact, pretty much in the affordable zone.

Cartomizers used are of extremely good quality. There are in fact various options for cartomizer refills, there are the high nicotine, medium nicotine, low nicotine and no nicotine tobacco options. They also have the medium nicotine methanol option. A variety of options are there to choose from.


·  Stylish and elegant

·  Does not try to mimic real cigarettes

·  Enough charge

·  Consistent, produces more or less same vapor and feel every time

·  Throat hit is good

·  Variety of options for cartomizer refills


Doesn’t give the feel of real cigarette. Thus, its not good for people who
want that feel.

Components of box:

·  2-piece electronic cigarette

·  Batteries

·  Cartomizer refills

Discount rate:

Use coupon code “Smokeout” to receive 10% discount.

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  1. I actually just got my e-cig about a week ago. I am really enjoying it. I don’t have to go outside to smoke and I don’t bother people around me with the smell.
    I went with the Blu e-cig because of the flavors they have and the price was right. I read a bunch of reviews at and see that they rated Blu e-cigs among the top 5.
    I took the plunge and I am really glad I did. I actually feel that my body feels better without all that crap that is in traditional cigarettes.If your thinking about ecigs, give them a try. Thanks for your info.

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