Will the e cigarette make me gain weight when I quit smoking?

The e-cigarette or electronic cigarette, an alternative to the widely used regular cigarette, has attracted a lot of buzz but also a lot of uncertainty and thus a lot of questions. It was invented by Chinese scientists at a company known as the Ruyan, which means ‘like smoking’.

At the tip of the e-cigarette is a glowing amber which lights up. A battery, a microprocessor which controls heat and light, a sensor that detects when the smoker is taking a puff, a heater to vaporize the nicotine, and a cartridge that holds the nicotine in propylene glycol so it does not come out in the vapor, are included as components.

It helps the user to quit smoking on the whole because the user can set high, medium or low nicotine levels, adjusting the amount lower as one gets closer to quitting. They are also cheaper than the regular cigarette because they are not subject to taxation. It does not create smoke, rather, it creates a vapor, through the process of atomization, which acts as a smoke. This means that the threat of second-hand smoke is alleviated. Also, the e-cigarette does not emit the undesired regular cigarette smell but the feeling of pleasure that you get from smoking is not compromised. The regular cigarette is well known for causing cancer but the e-cigarette has no health risks. It has no carcinogens, no tobacco and no tar and reduces the risks associated with smoking by 95%.

Now for the real question… Does the e-cigarette make one gain weight when they quit smoking? The answer depends partially on how the product is used. If the user gradually decreases the nicotine level that he/she consumes while in the process of quitting, then one is properly preparing oneself for life after smoking, and is going a long way towards ensuring that the typical negative spill-off effects do not affect him/her in terms of weight gain. This is so because nicotine is an appetite suppressant and so coming off of it suddenly can cause one to crave more food, which would obviously lead to weight gain. But coming off of it gradually allows the effects of the nicotine on the appetite to slowly dissipate until it comes to nothing. Also, increased appetite is a side effect of quitting tobacco. Since there is no tobacco in the e-cigarette, the user has no chance of gaining weight through this cause.

There is no real substitute for a healthy and totally smoke-free life but the e-cigarette seems to be a good alternative to the regular cigarette, especially for those who really struggle with an addiction to smoking.

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