7 Common Myths About E Cigarettes


E cigarettes have not become very popular and are not being preferred by all normal cigarette smokers because of certain myths. These myths are totally imaginary and smokers should not believe them. Here are few myths about E cigarettes.

  1. Nicotine as the causative agent of cancer: Normal cigarette smokers try to quit smoking to avoid being a victim of cancer. They consider nicotine as the culprit and say that E cigarettes which are also made of nicotine pose the risk of cancer. But, the fact is that nicotine does not cause cancer. It is caused due to toxic chemicals liberated by burning of tobacco used in real cigarettes. In E cigarettes you are not burning tobacco it is E-juice made of chemicals that gives the nicotine vapors. Hence, smokeless cigarettes are safe to use.
  2. E cigarettes are not tested and are hence unsafe: It is common myth that majority of E cigarettes do not adhere to the standards imposed by law and they are manufactured in unsanitary surroundings. The fact is E cigarettes are manufactured in totally safe and clean environment. They are all tested and only those smokeless cigarettes that are in compliance with law are released in to the market. It is the responsibility of the buyer to purchase only from licensed E cigarette manufacturers and retailers.
  3. E cigarettes cause health hazards or side effects: It is very silly to say this because smokeless cigarettes are less toxic compared to normal cigarettes and stuff like nicotine patches and nicotine gums. In fact they help people to quit the habit of smoking gradually. It helps chain smokers to reduce their addiction to nicotine and thus prevents withdrawal symptoms that develop in smokers who stop smoking at once.
  4. Additives used in electronic cigarettes are toxic: Common additives used in E cigarettes are vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol which are used in many other items. All the additives which are used to give specific flavor to smokeless cigarettes are tested multiple times and are stated safe by FDA.
  5. All the ingredients used in the making of smokeless cigarettes are not stated and are unsafe: As mentioned all the ingredients used in E cigarettes are tested and the concentrations in which they are used in the making of E juice are clearly stated in the label. It is responsibility of the user to use the E juice as per the safety instructions mentioned on the label. In fact, normal cigarette smoke contains about 4000 compounds such as arsenic and carbon dioxide which are completely dangerous and pose health risks. On the other hand the vapor of E juice that fills your lungs contains only 20 compounds.
  6. Electronic cigarettes are manufactured in various flavors just to lure non-smokers such as kids in to smoking: This is a false opinion. E cigarettes are manufactured in multiple flavors just to fulfill the needs of smokers. Many of the items such as nicotine gums are manufactured in various flavors. Many parents fear that these flavors might attract their kids into smoking. They do not have to worry as they will be sold only for smokers above 18 years of age and possess a valid credit card. So, it is responsibility of the parent to enable the kid not to misuse the credit card. They are also very expensive which the kids cannot afford with their pocket money.
  7. Smokeless cigarettes make smokers more addicted to smoking compared to normal cigarettes: This is totally false as they are specifically designed to reduce addiction to nicotine. Nicotine level in the vapor of electronic cigarettes is far less than those found in normal cigarettes. So, they help to reduce nicotine addiction in a safe way.

As can be seen all these myths are very silly and are generally developed by manufacturers of normal cigarettes to save their industry. So, don’t believe in these myths and shift to electronic cigarettes to improve your health standards.

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