Say this word five times fast: Atmomixani, Atmomixani…you can’t, can you? That’s because it’s Greek for delicious e cigarette mods that are always out of stock. An Atmomixani review must not fail to point this out, no matter how great the product is.


No, low stock is not Atmomixani’s nemesis: it’s the name of a mod. This device is (reportedly) available in Kalafan, shined, matte, and brass finishes. Selling for around $185, it is fully mechanical and compatible with a kick device if you have one. The Nemesis is also a whopping 22mm around: that’s wide. You won’t be hiding this in your coin purse.

The Nemi is a mini Nemesis as the name suggests. At 17mm wide, it is lighter and simpler, but still a mechanical mod with adjustable air flow, lockable firing switch, and adjustable center pin (just like its big brother).

To buy atomizers for the Nemesis you need specific threading, so only the Dome Atomizer threaded for this model will do. Air angle is adjustable to affect vapor temperature and it comes with insulated mesh. Use a double wick if you want to. A Striker Atomizer is also built for the Nemesis. Carry it around in the velvet pouch provided.

All of these devices are engraved with a steam train, which appears to be the gorgeous Atmomixani logo.

69 Mod

Another device from Atmomixani is their 69 mod. Costing $190 or thereabouts (check around for deals and discounts), it features a twist button, adjustable post and air flow, and is just plain gorgeous. Like the Nemesis, atomizers have to be threaded for the 69. It is not compatible with the Nemesis or other atomizers.


Is this a problem? You bet it is. If stock is low and you suddenly need a new atomizer for your Atmomixani mod you could be waiting months before it comes back into stock. Vapers try to plan ahead and have extras on hand for emergencies, but it’s still not a great system.


With some ingenuity and home videos, many vapers help their fellow consumers to overcome compatibility issues. I don’t know how they do it, but if you ask around there are sure to be some crafty individuals with the tools and know-how to help you fix a different atomizer to your Nemesis or 69 without breaking it or undermining it in any way. The entire unit might not look as good, but you’ll be able to vape with your favorite device again.

Nuvocig Review

The vaping world already has a lot of mini vapor cigs to choose from. Consumers might say “enough already,” but Nuvocig disagrees. They think the market could do with some more competition.
Maybe they are right. With numerous brands clamoring for your business, prices can’t go sky high like they did in the beginning. With that being said, will this Nuvocig review present a winning alternative or a brand destined to chase the pack?

NuvoCig Big Battery KitStarter Kits at Nuvocig

Nuvocig has a lot of starter kits, that’s for sure, and the website does not organize them neatly. Greater care could be taken to present them and also to reduce the number of “choices.” I love the comparison-chart format as seen at V2 Cigs for clarity.

There is a way to organize and reduce clutter without effectively removing anything: customizable starter kits. Nuvocig already asks consumers to make choices every time they select a starter package, and one of those choices could be removed to make room.

The Strange Thing

If someone offered you a choice between a bar of chocolate and a bar of chocolate plus your favorite coffee (assuming you liked both), you wouldn’t take the chocolate alone. The treat could always be reserved for later, or you might give one item to a friend and keep the other.

Strangely, Nuvocig does just this with several of their kits. They offer a USB charger or a USB charger plus a car adapter or a USB charger plus a wall adapter. This is where they lost me.

An Introductory Kit

Their $24.99 USB kit is straightforward at least with one battery, two cartomizers (menthol or tobacco as always), and a charger. They also sell more than 20 flavors which customers browse when they move on to the second kit.

A Customized Kit

Kit number two costs $39.99. There is still just one battery and five cartridges, but now there are battery choices: silver and green, silver and pink, or silver with an orange, blue, or red tip. Select your chargers and the job is done. Flavors come in zero to high nicotine, but not all flavors come in every choice of strength.

Standard E Cig Kit for Her

Nuvocig could just create a kit and let men and women customize according to their preferences. For some reason they decided to market a women’s package. With Vapor Couture on the market, other brands had to appeal to the gentler sex too, but Nuvocig just gives women a selection of carry case colors. Add $49.99 and the customized kit becomes feminine, apparently.

Big Battery Kit

At least Nuvocig shows some wisdom by selling a big battery, again with two choices. The first is a longer-lasting product rated 1000mAh. The second is a far less powerful eGo with multi-colored lights. This could be where the selection of a USB or USB with car adapter comes in because, frankly, the low-powered but colorful battery will not last. You will be charging it in the car all the time.

Loads More Kits

There are too many more choices: visit the website and see for yourself. One is for couples. One contains a big battery and a small battery. That’s the first time I have seen such a blend, but the two batteries are threaded for the same cartridges.

Cartomizers at Nuvocig

Here you have the most expensive e-cig cartomizers available in the United States as far as I can tell: $19.99 for 5. Nuvocig says these last longer than cartridges, but most companies do not use cartridges. Almost all cigalike companies (Halo Cigs, South Beach Smoke, Vapor Zone, White Cloud, and others) use cartomizers like the ones by Nuvocig with built in atomizers. None of these companies charges $20 for 5 replacements.

Give the company some credit for supplying more flavors than almost anyone else. They carry Atomic Fireball, Brandy, Blueberry, Champagne, Lychee, and typical varieties as well. Expect to find Coffee, Tobacco, Menthol, and various fruits.

Disposable Electronic Devices

Choose a disposable e-cig or e-cigar from Nuvocig. E-cigs are $9.99 each with 4-packs costing $36.95 and 10-packs for $89.99. The savings aren’t generous. E-cigars are priced $19.99 for 500 puffs and $29.99 for twice that. Cigavette’s Cuvana provides 1,800 puffs for $29.99 by comparison.

More Shopping

A single rechargeable e-cig costs around $15 in fifteen possible flavors and various strengths. Chargers cost from $9.99 and up. The batteries are seriously over-priced: $17.99 for a standard one, $27.99 for a 320mAh multi-colored device.

The Ultimate 1000mAh goes for over $30, and it’s not even a variable voltage unit. Strangely, they do not carry blank tanks or bigger cartomizers, but get the threading spec on these and you can find your own if you are planning to stay with Nuvocig.

Shopping with Nuvocig

Headquarters for Nuvocig are in New York and Connecticut. Visit them in Poughkeepsie or Wappinger Falls (NY) or Meriden or Milford (CT). Look for coupon codes by searching for Nuvocig.

House Of Hybrids ZNA Mod Review

ZNA is a play on DNA, which is a play on deoxyribonucleic acid (genetic building blocks) by Evolv (another play on words, it goes on and on). What the makers of DNA chips and the ZNA mod are trying to say is that their devices are evolved; more evolved than the next guy’s.

In many cases this is true, but so is their attitude. Yes, you can pay half the price for a decent mod that works, but it is not the same. The Evolv chip is that much better. It does not merely regulate and read values; it protects your investment. Here is a ZNA Mod review to give you a more detailed explanation of what I mean.

ZNA Got There First

If you are viewing a ZNA for the first time but it looks familiar, that’s because it is. You are not suffering from deja vu but a case of clonitis. The clone artists have been at it again, although even House of Hybrids confesses that they did not develop the variable wattage “box” mod idea. They were just the ones to get it out to the public in a commercially viable way.

Unique Design

ZNA mod

Until Vaporfi released their VOX 50 this autumn, the ZNA was unique among “box” mods in that it is not really a box at all. A ZNA combines curves and corners to blend the geometry of circles and squares. Viewers can now imagine what it would be like to put a square shape into a round hole or vice versa. Designers at House of Hybrids have always pushed boundaries.

Specifics of the ZNA Mod by House of Hybrids

While a few of the ZNA 20 are also knocking about for collectors, there are more 30s to go around. It locks using five swift clicks of the firing button. Its adjustable 510 connection accepts many rebuildable atomizers and tanks. The ZNA is made to be used with IMR AW batteries (nipple-topped).

Anyone who understands the way a chip by Evolv works knows that good things come in small packages. The chip reads atomizer resistance, voltage, watts, and allows the user to regulate watts up to 30. All of these measurements come up on a clear screen so you can see the chip working.

Protective Device

The DNA chip is as protective of its owner as a German Shepherd. It knows when you are overheating it by pressing the firing button for too long and the vented case can’t keep your battery cool anymore. Your device will “trip” or short-out to prevent overheating. It will not let your voltage become too high or resistance too low. Although you can wrap coils to desired sub-ohms, a powerful current will eventually alter resistance if volts are set too high. That’s why the chip needs to continually monitor the state of your device.

Not Greedy

Some companies build 50, then 100, and later 150 watt (can 200 be far behind?) mods within months of each other. These are manufactured so quickly one can only imagine how inferior they must be to handcrafted American devices made to exacting specifications in limited quantities. ZNA has not taken that route. Instead, they take their time to do the job well.

Controversy over Clones

Some vape companies become justly riled by the cloning of their mods. They work hard and invest money to develop something unique, market it, sell a few, and never make a return on their efforts because clones jump in and undercut them. American manufacturers cannot compete with Chinese factory prices. The people at House of Hybrids would have been justified had they chosen to become angry about Chinese clones of their work of art.

But the owner of House of Hybrids took a different stance recently during an interview on a vaper-specific radio show. He is quoted as saying that he holds no grudges against vapers who cannot afford genuine House of Hybrids devices. In fact, in his eyes, what matters is that men and women break their addiction to cigarettes and vaping, whether with cheap knock-offs or the genuine article.

He implores vapers not to treat those with cloned ZNAs any differently because of their choice. This issue can lead to some emotional exchanges: he does not want that for his sake or that of his employees. His comments deserve to be repeated in honor of their altruistic origins and the solidarity they encourage among vapers who know they should not be fighting each other. Vapers have enough of a fight in front of them just to continue vaping legally in America.

DZ Mods Review: Dizzying Desires

There are lots of clones of excellent mods out there, mods being short for mechanical modifiable electronic cigarettes. HCigar and EHPro are two of the most prominent and reliable makers of mechanical mods. They manufacture goods in China, creating thousands of each device every month so they can sell these economically.

Consequently, retailers can re-sell them to customers affordably. Many companies also copy electronic mods like the MVP by Innokin and Kanger Evod batteries. Results are hit and miss.

Authentic, Limited Edition Mods

Then there are e cigs that have been manufactured in very small numbers, usually mechanical devices, but in some cases electronic. This DZ Mods review will look closely at two devices by JCMS Vapes. They aren’t even available right now, but if you are keen to own an e cig that hardly anyone has, this is the device for you. Reading reviews and forums thread about DZ mods demonstrates the fanatical behavior of vapers. Their comments left me wondering what’s great about any e cig that customers will spend hours on their computers on release day hoping to be among the few fast enough to place their orders before goods sell out.

DZ Mods in the Flesh

If you are fortunate enough to own a DZ Mod (D30L or D30S), it will provide 2400 mAh of power which, by the way, is a lot. 2400 mAh is enough to put out excellent, thick clouds of clean vapor and fantastic throat hit from e juices that are up to the task.

Your purchase will have come with a domed tact switch, nickel switch, or stainless steel upgrade (customers are asked to decide when they place an order). Ceramic coating colors are listed as Gunmetal Grey, Gold, Prism Pink, Foliage Green, Zombie Green, and others. Carbon Fiber Wraps are available in Black, Pink, Purple, Green, and more.

Thermal protection prevents your DZ mod from becoming overheated and destroying the battery. It’s got fuses for safety (something you won’t find on a purely mechanical mod), a battery monitor, and 5-click on/off switch. The casing is made from die-cast aluminum making it tough but light.

Both mods come with the same choices but slight aesthetic variations.

Box Mods

DZ Mods 30S and 30L are both box mods. In fact, they look and act a lot like the Innokin MVP or VTR, so if you are familiar with those units, DZ Mods won’t come as a big surprise, as though you’re looking at clone upgrades. They are both solid looking, eye-catching pieces which garner plenty of attention for their owners.

Innokin or DZ

Knowing that Innokin makes similar-looking devices that do many of the same things, will you still wait for an email alert telling you when the next DZ is ready for sale? An MVP costs $60 to $80 with or without an iClear. That’s less than half the price of a DZ. Even the VTR is more reasonably priced and definitely easier to come by.

At the end of the day, how much you want this comes down to how much you like owning something your buddy couldn’t get hold of and even the guy who runs your local vape shop is envious of.

Official Welcome

This is the official welcome to the electronic cigarette tavern. We are way behind schedule to when we planned to open up, but we are just happy that we are finally getting rolling? Look for tons of information coming very soon on the best e cig products on the market today. Look forward to getting this information to everyone as soon as it’s possible!