Thanks for visiting our website. We have smoked vapor cigarettes dating back to when they were in their infancy in 2008.

We’ve used many e cig brands, from the best ones, to the worst ones. The industry changes every quarter, and if you don’t stay on top of it, you can really miss out on some emerging vapor technology.

It’s no secret the industry has changed and that vapor pens used with e liquids and / or dry herbs, oils, or waxes, have become the hottest selling item. We’ve gravitated towards those devices over time and continue to test new technology as leading companies like VaporFI, V2 Cigs, and Green Smoke release new products.

Below is a chart of some of the most recommended vapor brands.

The Best Vapor & Electronic Cigarette Companies in 2015

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On the far left, you’ll see the logo of the company that we are reviewing. Next to that, you’ll see a star rating. Next, you’ll see a link to where you can read an in depth review of the e cig brand where we break down every single aspect from cost, to value, to how good the technology is in the actual product.

We also discuss topics like customer service grades and how efficient they operate.

Oh, and let’s not forget return policies. Most of the best companies in the vapor space offer very solid return policies because they want to keep you on as a long time customer.

While we aren’t ever looking to return products and always genuinely cheer for a good A+ experience, there are times when a package could arrive damage, a product could be faulty, or maybe it just didn’t meet expectations.

There are just a ton of electronic cigarette brands, and more companies keep sprouting up than we can count. We’ve reviewed hundreds of brands and vape shops, and have created this page with reviews, and our recommendations of the best products available.

This is an insane time in this industry, as it has enjoyed exploding popularity, and we the consumers reap the benefits as various companies compete with each other, offering the best possible products, prices and service they can, to keep us happy :)

We’ve scoured the internet in search of the best e-cig on the planet, going through hundreds of sites, looking at reviews, company websites, and most importantly, buying and trying out all the products we can get our hands on.

We have a team of three people, all of us love vaping (electronic smoking), and at the same time, we all have our own taste, which we hope will offer value to our readers, as everyone has different taste.

Now, as far as who is the best, there are typically two main categories of electronic cigarettes. You have the standard sized mini cig, which resembles an actual cigarette, and then there are advanced vaporizers, which are typically what people move to once they have enjoyed vaping on a standard 2 piece e-cig, and want something with more power, which lasts longer.

About Electronic Cigarettes

January 1st is a day for new beginnings, or at least new and better intentions. If losing weight is not your top resolution, the next most likely one is to quit smoking. How are you going to do that? Have you tried before and found the prospect virtually impossible?

The efficacy of hypnosis is debatable, but possible. Certain over-the-counter products that replace cigarette nicotine with another source, removing carcinogenic smoke, have been shown to help a few people. Even saving one person from a lifetime of cigarette use is meaningful, but there is another way.

Electronic Cigarette Alternative

A lot of consumers are using electronic cigarettes in place of real cigarettes, and with amazing results. Thousands upon thousands of Americans buy them, especially disposable versions. They are known as e cigs, mini cigs, smokeless cigarettes, vapor cigarettes, or cigalikes: a lot of aliases for the simple electronic cigarette. E cigs replace burning tar and poison with vapor.

Eversmoke BatteryThe Makeup of an E Cig

A cigalike is made up of three parts: the atomizer, cartridge, and battery.

In a disposable item, all three are connected. It cannot be recharged, refilled, or taken apart.

Rechargeable devices can be dismantled into one battery and an atomized cartridge containing liquid. Early versions used a separate atomizer, but with atomized cartridges there is no danger of trying to make a coil last longer than it should. You always get a fresh atomizer with your refill of e liquid so long as you are using pre-filled cartridges.

Cartridges for E Cigs

With cigalikes, there are two options: buy replacements already containing e liquid in your favorite flavor or purchase empty cartridges which are still atomized but can be filled with any one of numerous types of e juice. The juice should contain at least 50% propylene glycol; otherwise, they would be too thick to vaporize.

Pre-filled cartridges become slightly expensive over time, although never as expensive as cigarettes. Customers still enjoy the advantages of a smoking alternative including reduced costs, but refilling one’s cartridges reduces the prices substantially.

Disposable Flavor

First-timers usually vape with a one-time, non-rechargeable e cig from a garage and they find it lasts about as long as a package of cigarettes; maybe 2 at the most. These items are inconsistent in one respect but predictable in another.

Usually, you can find one styled to taste like tobacco or menthol cigarettes and it might or might not succeed. Nicotine is usually around 1.8% to 2.4% with just a few stronger examples. Some companies make alternative flavors like cherry, watermelon, or chocolate. You can usually find a brand that lists a long menu of disposables available in stores or just online.

E hookahs are very much like e cigs except that their flavors are sweeter. Examples include fruit combinations and cocktails. Whether you are buying an e hookah or an e cig, they last about the same length of time (200 to 400 puffs typically) and cost from $5 to $12. Online vendors can offer great deals on bulk orders.

Rechargeable Batteries

Controversy around e cigs has looked at topics such as uncertainties around their safety and the amount of e-waste this industry generates. E cig manufacturers argue that their batteries are rechargeable up to 300 times, which is roughly standard. They also point out that their batteries are recyclable. Thirdly, in the argument against relative wastefulness and environmental impact, advocates of vaping believe toxic residue from millions of cigarette butts is far more damaging than anything created by electronic cigarettes.

If you get past this controversy and choose to use an e cig, you have to treat it differently from a pack of cigarettes. With analogs, if you smoked one to the end, the next one was waiting in its packet.

With e cigs, if you vape until the battery dies, your next vaping session relies on you being organized. The next battery has to be ready: in other words, you are advised to have a second e cig battery on hand all the time if you are using cigarette-like e cigs. Another option is to own a USB cig which you can use at a laptop or via a battery bank while the battery charges or you can own a bigger eGo-style e cig with a pass-through battery.

Planning Carefully

Keep the chargers on hand that are useful to you wherever you are right now: at work, in the car, or at home. You will need a US charger, wall and car adapters, and with mini cigs a portable charging case can also be handy. Of course, you can’t run out of e liquid: refill cartridges or bottles. If you are using blank cartridges, have a spare ready and possibly a spare atomizer head. You never know when a tank is going to crack or cloud up or when an atomizer will finally stop heating up your liquid.